What are FNET's Security solutions?


  FNET's solutions, NetSwitch II-M, NetSwitch II-R, DualNET, are the hardware security products.

  through the physical network isolation.


   What are they different from the current software-based security solutions

     such as a firewall or IDS(Intrusion Detection System), etc.?


  They are totally different concept from the current software-based solution. A Firewall, for

  instance, is the logical disconnection of two physically connected networks. It means that your

  internal and external networks are physically connected and there is  a way of hackers or

  crackers penetrating into your internal network.

  But if you can take your internal network off from the external network, you can reduce the risk

  of compromising. Likewise, FNET's solutions physically separate the internal network from

  external network through its hardware devices. There is not any physical network connection

  between the internal and external network. So you can verify the integrity of classified data

  and information on the internal network.


   Is it unnecessary to keep a firewall when we have NetSwitch or DualNET?


  To our clients, we always recommend to use a firewall together with our products. A firewall

  has its own role on network. In particular, to secure and protest the outgoing network traffics

  and the information that exists on the external network, we have recommended our clients to

  manage a firewall.


  How do NetSwitch and DualNET ensure that it is possible to protect and Secure

   the internal network while working on the internet?


  While working on the Internet(or the external network), NetSwitch physically separates the

  internal network(or the secured network) through an electro-mechanical relay, In case of DualNET

  , it has two HDD for the internal and external network. While working on the external network,

  it terminates the HDD for internal and external network through the system reboot.

  At that point, the computers equipped with NetSwitch or DualNET work on the physically

  different networks that have not any connection.


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