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As the threat of information leakage through the internet has become increased, many security


-oriented organizations have traded very warily on the internet connectivity. For their network


security, they started separating their networks, into the external network, physically and tried


to secure their networks.


To do so, the network integrators have to use two IP address(for internal and external) or assign


an IP address by NAT(Network Address Translation). They have to setup IP address and make a


reboot the PC system every time. It is really awkward and ineffectual at the point of the network




NetSwitch ensures the user's convenience to access the internet and network security as well.


It protects the internal resources from any hostile risk on the internet, and offers the most


convenient solution to the internet users at the same time.



Configuration Environment






     In fact, NetSwitch II-M is a hardware device that separates networks physically. Unlike the

  current security systems, such as a firewall which is the logical disconnection of two physically

  connected networks, it enables you to separate your networks physically, into the internal

  network and the internet. If it is connected with a network, it is disconnected with the other

  at the same time. Because of the physical separation between networks, there is no way to

  connect your internal network resources from outside.

  If you operate IPChanger, the network is converted to the internal or the external network.

  It is the simple-to-use solution based on the physical separation between networks.


   Network Separation


     Some organizations want to hide their internal network from the external network, specially

  the internet. To do so, their networks must be separated physically into internal and external

  network, through two cable lines such as UTP line. Under this system environment, they have

  to convert IP address manually and make a reboot their system, in order to access a network

  to the other, which is clumsy and costly way to use the networks.

     NetSwitch II-M enables them to configure physically separated networks, only with one

  network cable. IPChanger program has a role to convert IP address automatically. If you want

  to access to the internet from internal network, you can convert IP address automatically and

  sends a packet to the NetSwitch II-M to switch the other network. In this process, it does not

  require any reboot your computer system.


    The Structure of NetSwitch II-M


     There are the 24 UTP ports in front of NetSwitch II-M, connected with the each PCs through

  UTP Lines. At the rear of NetSwitch II-M, there are 2 lines of 24 ports of UTP Lines. The upper

  24 ports are designated to the internal network HUB, the lower 24 ports are to the external

  network HUB.

  It receives the packets from PCs or Hubs(Internal or External) and functions repeat. It just

  forwards the packets and does not regenerate them. With this simple procedure, it does not

  plunge the network into any trouble or packet delay.

  NetSwitch II-M has a LED for each port displayed the network status. Through the LED display

  you can check the network status and diagnose easily any matters on networks.

  The internal and the external port of NetSwitch operates independently, the problem on each

  network does not influence on each other.


    Operation Procedure


  NetSwitch II-M is located between Internet and Internal Hub. Of two lines of UTP Ports at the

  rear of NetSwitch II-M, the upper ports is for internal network and lower ports is for the internet.




   Network Conversion


   - If your system starts, NetSwitch begins with the  internal network connection.


   - With operating IPChanger, you can convert your network into the internet.


   - To convert the network again, you can repeat the above procedure.




  Setting IP Address & other values


   - In order to set IP address, generate IPChanger window by clicking right button of the


      mouse on IPChanger icon at the system tray.


   - If IPChanger window appears, set IP address and other values.


   - If you close IPChanger window, all new values will be saved automatically.



Operating Software (IPChanger)



   Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000


   Operate with NetSwitch II-M / II-R


   Just one NIC while using two IP addresses.


   Immediate switching networks without a reboot your system.


   Simple in operation - just a click enables you to switch the separated network.


   Enable to apply when used one IP address with NAT(Network Address Translation)


   Enable to apply when used one IP address and two Gateway address with NAT.


   Folder access control supported, in order to protect specific data at your PC.


   Support the IPX Novell.


   The network status (Internal or Internet) on desktop displayed.


   AutoUpdate supported.






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