Introduction NetSwitch II-R










NetSwitch II-R is the right solution for SOHO (Small Office Home Office) and branch offices


of enterprises. It has 10BaseT 8Port hub module and supports the xDSL and Cable Modem.


NetSwitch II-R basically covers all functions of NetSwitch II-M. It does not take any additional


device, such as Hub or Router, in order to connect the internet and the local network.


You can access the internet through xDSL or Cable Modem.


SOHO and branch offices can access to the internet as protecting the local data from the internet


though NetSwitch II-R.


Configuration Environment








NetSwitch II-R supports the 12 ports 10/100Mbps Hub, you can access to the internet through


UTP port. It has one 10Mbps UpLink port which supports xDSL. You can switch your network


through IPChanger like NetSwitch II-M. It offers the simple-to-use solution as Netswitch II-M.


   High Speed


     New high-bandwidth technologies, such as xDSL and Cable Modems provide speedy


     connectivity to the internet.




   Total Solution


     For small and medium size offices, the xDSL Router is a complete solution which provides


     everything needed for the internet access.




   ADSL and Cable Connectivity


     The router can link LAN to any high-speed modem, like ADSL or Cable Modem.




   Applecation Layer Filter Policy-Based Blocking.


    Networks are vulnerable to the exernal hackers and the internal users. In order to grant


    the access to your network, you could use filtering methed. For the efficient network


    management, FNET provides system managers with an upper-level filter to control the


    internal and external users access. Sysem managers could control user application by


    filtering IP address and TCP/UDP port numbers, including FTP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP and


    then some.




   Proxy Protection


    Virtual server, such as proxy server, allows you to assign to workstation on the LAN as


    Web, FTP, or other servers by the means of configuration of TCP/UDP port number.


    Remote users can visit this server via the internet. In conjunction with the computing


    on the fourth layer, some proxy software for Windows 95/98/NT, Linux and Unix may


    provide an IP-sharing function permitting users on the LAN visit the internet by sharing


    a pubic account and an IP address. However, these products only provide users the


    internet service with low performanceand their setting is usually complicate and






  DHCP Server / Client

  TFTP support for upgrade firmware.

  Static Route

  Vitrual Server

  Application Filter


  Remote Access Server

  DMZ (De-Militarzed Zone)

  Browser / Telnet Configuration

  Access Control


Hardware Specifications


  Wan Interface

 one 10 BaseT Port for Cable/xDSL Modem & one serial port.

  LAN Interface

 12-Ports 10/100 BaseT (Hub)


 80386~80 MHz /16Bits


 512k Bytes


 1M Bytes

  Primary Speed

 10 Mbps for Cable/xDSL Modem.

  Secondary Speed

 BRI for Serial Port


12V / AC, 1.5 am


 5 ~ 55° C


Operating Software


   Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000


   Operate with NetSwitch II-M / II-R


   Just one NIC while using two IP addresses.


   Immediate switching networks without a reboot your system.


   Simple in operation - just a click enables you to switch the separated network.


   Enable to apply when used one IP address with NAT(Network Application Translation)


   Enable to apply when used one IP address and two Gateway address with NAT.


   Folder access control supported, in order to protect specific data at your PC.


   Support the IPX Novell.


   The network status (Internal or Internet) on windows displayed.


   AutoUpdate supported.





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