Introduce NetSwitch I



To secure the internal network, most of the government authorities, financial institutes,


and banks had to possess both network cables for internal and external network.


In addition to that, the users of these organizations had to make a reboot to change


a network into another.


Certainly, it is really time-consuming and far away from the user's convenience.


To solve this problem, FNET tried to find a proper and user-oriented solution which


does not require a reboot of your system and switching your cables to solve these





Physical Separation



   Separate network into two networks which never be connected with each other


   While one network is active, the other leaves inactive all the way.


   Switching between two networks is fulfilled by double clicking IPChanger icon and


     pushing the NetSwitch button.


  IPChanger (S/W) automatically changes an IP address without rebooting.


   Perfect security of internal network & sensitive information from intrusion.




  Network Traffic Reduction



   Separation on physical layer makes network traffic down up to 50%


   Optimizing Network resources and time-management.



  Client-Oriented Interface



   Offering quick access to the internet on security mode.


   Requiring two lines for each client PC


   Offering a high efficiency to the network management.


    (Low Network Traffic down / Efficient Time Management /Complete Trouble Shooting)



  Structural Features



   A kind of Relay device installed between in/external hub and client PC


   LED indicates network type


   Use 5 V Keyboard power


   No possibility of an inadvertent collision or connection with each port.








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