Introduction DualNET





     As the information leakage has been proliferated through the internet, the most security-


minded organizations, such as government authorities, intelligence institutions, and military


authorities, have really concerned about how to secure their information from the outside.


To protect their information, they separated their networks physically the internal and the


external network. They paved dual network cable and even used either 2PCs for each individual.


But it is quite a squandering solution in space, budget that they can not afford.


DualNET is designated to those kinds of the most security-minded organizations. DualNET


enables them to secure their information from the internet with simple network configuration.



Configuration Environment





DualNET is a PCI interface card that turns your single system into two separated systems, each


on a different network. Each system has its own resources(HDD), which are not shared, and is


connectedonly to a single network. This is accomplished by having one network card connected


to DualNET card. DualNET card takes control of the system IDE hard drives, separated two hard


drives. It controls of the two separated cables and hard drives, and prevents the system from


accessing another resource when one system is active. It turns away any request to connect a


network or hard drive by the hostile users on the internet. To convert each systems, it requires


system reboot to secure any important data existing on flash memory.



Operation Procedure



   If you push the DualNET button, a message window will be popped up. You need to make a


     reboot your system to convert the network and HDD automatically, as pushing the button.


   To convert the network and HDD again, you can repeat the above.



Operating Software



   Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ NT/ 2000


   Simple in operation.


   High speed HDD through ultrahigh circuit.


   Physical separation of data storage into the internal and the internet.


   Simple and easy to setup two OS (with different language) at one system.




Recommended System



   IBM compatible PC - Pentium MMX


   Auto HDD detect function of Award BIOS (AMI BIOS), Phoenix BIOS


   One available IDE socket.


   One available 5.25" drive bay


   One or two OS


   One available ISA or PCI slot.







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